Solar Panels at C.H.M.S.

Solar Panels at C.H.M.S.
Posted on 11/11/2022

If you drive past Colonial Heights Middle School, you may notice new solar panels on the front left of the building. This 1.2 kilowatt solar system was recently installed as part of the Solar for Students program. This program is part of the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) and is supported by Dominion Energy. According to the Solar for Students program, it “provides students the chance to observe and learn firsthand about harnessing solar energy from a solar array.” In addition, they provide participating teachers with educational materials and training.




This grant opportunity was shared with 6th Grade Science teacher Debbie Robinson who was motivated to apply due to her own interest in solar energy and a desire to give students hands-on experience with an emerging technology. Science instructional specialist Dr. Joe Douglas elaborates on this need:

"It is inevitable that the demand for alternative energy sources will only increase in the future. It is imperative that students are exposed to the use of those sources at an early age.  The Dominion Energy program will provide our students with the chance to observe and learn firsthand about harnessing solar energy. Because it aligns with the middle school State Standards of Learning, the program will complement the existing curriculum with authentic learning opportunities."

The solar panel will provide data to students so that they can analyze how the solar energy is utilized by the CHMS building. It will provide a hands-on way for students to learn about renewable energy sources and energy transformations.

Colonial Heights Public Schools is honored to have been awarded this grant, and we are grateful for teachers like Debbie Robinson who pursue these unique experiences for students at CHMS.

Click here to learn more about the Solar for Students program.

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