Explicit Materials


The purpose of this webpage is to notify parents and legal guardians of instructional materials that contain sexually explicit content as discussed in Section 22.1-16.8 of the Code of Virginia. The full language of this Code and the accompanying Colonial Heights School Board policy can be viewed via the links below.


Explicit Materials Database

To comply with the law, Colonial Heights Public Schools' teachers and instructional leaders regularly review curriculum materials and submit media to an internal form if it fits the legal definition of "sexually explicit." These media sources are then viewed by the administration and compiled in a database for parent/guardian review.

The below database has all media sources for K-12 listed in alphabetical order. To narrow the entries your child's grade, click Filter, +Add condition, and set the condition to Where Grade(s) has any of and choose your child's grade. You can click on a single card to expand it.

If you have a question or concern about a media source listed here or would like to know more about the content present in the source, please first contact your child's teacher.

School Library Books

If you wish the opt your child out of being able to check out one or more titles from his or her school's library, please click on and submit the appropriate form below. If your child proceeds to check out a book you have submitted for opt-out, the school media specialist will recognize this in his or her computer system and be able to suggest other titles for your child in its place.

If you wish to preview what books are available to your child first, you can click here to access the library catalogues for CHPS schools. Choose your child's school, click the Catalog tab, and search for book titles in the "Find" bar.

After submission of the below form, you will be contacted by a staff member to confirm your request.

Please Note: Your submission will only be valid for the school year in which you fill out the form. You must resubmit this form annually to refresh your preferences for your child.


Canvas Parent Observer

As a parent or legal guardian, you have the ability to be an observer in your child’s Canvas course. This will allow you to not only see their assignment submissions and grades, but you can also view the curriculum materials published by the teacher of the course.

To become a Parent Observer, you will need to follow these steps. You will need both your own device and your child’s Chromebook.

  1. Go to the division homepage and click on the Canvas for Parents icon.
  2. Click the link at the top right that says “Click Here for an Account.”
  3. Enter your first and last name, your primary email address, and a password of your choice. To get the Student Pairing Code, you’ll leave this window up but follow Steps 4 through 8 below.
  4. Have your child open Canvas on his or her Chromebook.
  5. Click on his or her account photo (circular icon) on the top left of Canvas.
  6. Click on Settings.
  7. On the right side of the page, click Pair with Observer.
  8. Copy the code given to you. This code expires in 7 days or after one use. You can generate a new one if needed.
  9. Go back to the window left open in Step 3 and paste in the code from Step 8.
  10. Click Start Participating.

Moving forward, you can click that same icon on our division webpage to log in with your email address and password, or you can download the free Canvas Parent app seen below from your phone’s app store. Click here to view in the Apple App Store. Click here to view in the Google Play Store.

Screenshot of Canvas Parent app icon that is a blue circle shape.

If you'd like a video visual of the steps above, please click here. You can also access Canvas' own guides for Parent Observers by clicking here.

If you have more than one child in your school system, you can view these directions or this video in order to learn how to add an additional child to your existing account.

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