Food Service Info


For any information not covered here, contact the Food Service Department at 804-524-3453 or [email protected]

Food Related Allergies

  • If your student has a food restriction/allergy and it’s not medically recognized, we will accommodate it within our means, please contact Food Service so we are made aware, can make a note in the student’s account and to make sure we can accommodate the restriction.
  • If your student has been diagnosed with a food allergy, we need to be made aware of it on the Allergy Form. We may also require documentation from the student’s doctor.

Meal Accounts

  • Each student will have their own meal account and PIN that will be used to get breakfast and lunch if they choose to eat with us.
  • Each student will have a unique PIN that they will receive once they have started school.
  • They will use their PIN whenever they go through the serving line and for À la carte items.
  • À la carte items require funds on the student’s account or the student must have cash or a check in hand, we cannot charge for À la carte items.
  • allows for online payments for a small transaction fee. *Please be aware, funds may take up to 48 hours to show in your student’s account.
  • Please make sure to have your email address on file so you will receive the alerts.
  • If you are concerned about how much your student is spending and want to limit certain items or if you want a detailed list of items they have bought, please contact Food Service.
  • Parents/Guardians can put money on their student’s account in the school’s cafeteria during service hours. We accept cash, money orders or checks.
  • Money orders and checks are to be made out to “Colonial Heights School Board Cafeteria Fund” or “C.H.S. Board Cafeteria Fund”

Upon Leaving CHPS

  • When you notify your student’s school that your student will be leaving, please have the school check their meal account.
  • If your student has funds in their meal account, you can receive a refund, donate it or transfer it to another student.
  • You can receive a cash refund if the balance is under $10 from your student’s cafeteria during service hours.
  • If the balance is over $10, please fill out the refund form and a check will be mailed to the address you provide.
  • If your student has a positive balance and you choose to not do one of the above, after 90 days, the funds will revert to the Food Service Department.
  • Once any positive funds are refunded, transferred or donated, they will not be credited back if your student re-enrolls.
  • Myschoolbucks does not transfer between school districts, you will need to set a new one up, if that school district uses myschoolbucks.


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