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ClassLink is a online one-stop shop where you can store all of your websites (ClassLink calls these APPS) as well as the username/password that you use for those websites. Are you tired or remembering countless different passwords and usernames for all of your school resources? ClassLink takes care of that!

Best of all, if you forget your CHPS account password (for ClassLink / Windows / Google), you can reset it yourself from anywhere! No need to wait for a support technician to be available.

Data Privacy Note: ClassLink does not share any personal information with any third-parties and will only retain certain information for the use of password recovery options. It is a safe and secure way to access the digital resources required within the CHPS community.


Getting Started

So you've heard what ClassLink is, but how does it work and how do you use it? Start off with watching our introductory video below to get a general overview. When you're done with that check out more videos and documentation at the bottom of the page to learn more about how ClassLink works.

Click here to go to ClassLink

Important: Log in using the same username and password that you use to sign into a Windows laptop. This username is the first part of your email address, without

Introduction to ClassLink

Video Resources

How-To Documentation


Parent Canvas Infographic

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parent portal

PowerSchool Parent Portal provides access to student grades and attendance information. Both parents and students can access grade and attendance information via a web browser or the mobile applications available for both Apple and Android devices.

Parents and students can pick up their Portal information at their school's annual Open House, by contacting the school or by emailing

For Parents who created accounts during a previous school year, those accounts remain active and can still be used. When visiting the login page, you may request a password change email that will be sent to the email address you used on the Parent account. If a student changed their personal password from the 4-character password provided, the password can not be recovered online. Contact the PowerSchool Helpdesk for a new password.

Parents must create an account to access the Portal and link their student's information (see directions below). Students may log in immediately using the Student login information provided in the mailing.

Click to access PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal

Instructions (Click on Links)
Parent Portal Account Creation Instructions

Parent Portal Account Creation Instructions - Spanish

Parent Portal Account Creation Instructions - Arabic

Parent Portal Creation Instructions - Mandarin

Add A Student to Parent Portal

Parents and Students may send email to the PowerSchool Help Desk at Emails will be answered as soon as possible and most are answered within 1-2 hours. We are happy to help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I created a parent account last year. Can I still use it?
A: Yes. Your account information is still active and your password has not changed. If you don't remember your username or password, click the Forgot Password link on the login page.

Q: My student doesn't know their changed password from last year. What can I do? 
A: Student usernames/passwords are protected from alteration and password recovery. Please email the PowerSchool Help Desk ( and ask for new passwords or additional information.

Q: What's the difference between an Access ID/Password and a Student Login/Password?
A: Access ID's are used to add a student to a parent's account. Parents are able to view multiple students at once and the Access ID is the identifier for each student. Student Login/Password are a four digit anonymous username for the student's own ability to login to the system.

Q: How do I find the Access ID and Access Password for my student?
A: This information will also be made available during Open House events at each school or by contacting the school or by emailing

Q: I didn't receive a letter from the school. What do I do?
A: Please contact the school or the division PowerSchool Help Desk ( to verify your student's mailing address. A copy of the letter can be e-mailed to you upon verification of your student's mailing address.

Q: The Access ID and Password in the mailing are not working.
A: Please email the PowerSchool Help Desk ( and ask for new passwords or additional information.

Q: Do I have to use all capital letters in the AccessID or Student Login?
A: Yes, the information should be used exactly as shown on the Parent/Student Portal letter.

Q: I'm a student. How do I check my own grades?
A: If you have not yet received your username and password, you can speak to your guidance office or email the PowerSchool Help Desk ( Visiting the login link above, you need only type in the information. You do no have to create an account.

Q: As the primary parent or court-ordered guardian, how can I ensure that I am the only adult with access to grades and attendance information?
A: We are able to quickly access this information. An email to the PowerSchool Help Desk ( can start the conversation.

Q: I have multiple students in the school division. Can I see them all from one account?
A: Yes, all of your students may be viewed from one single Parent Portal account once all schools are active. Instructions to add students to accounts will be made available above.

Q: How can I contact my student's teachers?
A: Within the Parent Portal, email address information is made available by clicking on the teacher's name in the grade report.

Q: What about Mobile Apps for Google or Apple?
A: Parent and Student apps are available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Direct links to these apps are available within the Parent Portal website. There are separate apps for each purpose. The same login information used on the Parent Portal website may also be used on the apps. Parents must create their accounts before attempting to use the mobile apps.

Q: How can I get help?
A: For program or technical issues, send questions and comments to the PowerSchool Help Desk ( For records issues or student information questions, please contact your school.

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