Time Frame SOL Unit of Study
 First Nine Weeks 4.1abc Place Value
Practice Test 4.4b Addition and Subtraction with Whole Numbers
4.4a Multiplication Facts
  4.4bc Multiplication and Division with Whole Numbers
Second Nine Weeks 4.4d Practical Problems
Practice Test 4.16  Equality

4.15  Patterns 

4.2abc Fractions
4.5abc  Fraction Computations
4.3abcd Decimals 
4.6ab Decimal Computations
 Third Nine Weeks  4.8abcd  Units of Measurement
 Practice Test 4.9 Elapsed Time
4.7 Perimeter and Area
4.10 ab Points, Lines, and Angles
4.11 Plane and Sold Figures
4.12 Quadrilaterals
Fourth Nine Weeks 4.13abc Probability
Practice Test 4.14abc Graphs
     Enrichment and Review
     SOL Test scheduled May 20 (Pt. 1) and May 21 (Pt. 2)

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