Time Frame SOL Unit of Study
First Nine Weeks  Algebra I Equations and Inequalities with Absolute Value
Laws of Exponents

Operations with Polynomials
Factoring Polynomials 
Solutions to Quadratic Equations | AC Method
Solutions to Quadratic Equations | Quadratic Formula
  AFDA.2 Parent Functions and Transformations
 Second Nine Weeks AFDA.1 Function Characteristics
  AFDA.4 Analysis with Functions

Inverse and Composition of Functions
Operations with Functions
Regression Analysis
Exponential Growth and Decay

AFDA.7 Normal Distribution
  AFDA.8 Sampling Techniques  
  AFDA.6 Probability
  AFDA.5 Linear Programming

Algebra Basics
Algebra Basics
Algebra Basics
Algebra Basics
Algebra Basics
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