General Information

The Gifted Advisory Committee is composed of eleven voting members, parents and community members representing each school, who are appointed for rotating three-year terms.  Ex-officio members include the gifted program coordinator, the full-time teachers of the gifted, a secondary gifted student, and a representative from each school's faculty who is involved in the education of the gifted.

The purpose of the Gifted Advisory Committee is to coordinate school and community support in developing and promoting gifted education.  Specific objectives include the following:
  • To promote the growth and development of gifted programs in Colonial Heights
  • To advise the division of unmet needs in the education of gifted children
  • To assist the division in formulating long-range plans for the promotion of gifted services    
  • To submit periodic reports and recommendations regarding the education of gifted  children to the Colonial Heights School Board
  • To assist in communicating plans for meeting gifted children's needs to the larger community
  • To serve as a support group for various activities that will enhance the gifted program
  • To review annually the local plan for gifted education and the extent to which the plan of the  previous year was implemented
  • To review annually the activities and accomplishments in addressing the committee's purpose stated purpose.
The Gifted Advisory Committee meets a minimum of four times per year.  All interested persons are invited to attend and to apply for membership on the Committee.  For more information, please contact Joe Douglas, Coordinator of the Gifted Programs, at 804-524-3400 x 13.

Gifted Advisory Meeting Dates

Colonial Heights Gifted Advisory
Meeting Dates 2019-2020

  • Wednesday, October 16: High School Focus Night
  • Tuesday, January 21: Middle School Focus Night  
  • Tuesday, May 19: Elementary Focus Night

Unless indicated otherwise, meetings start at 6:00 PM and are held in the Audio Visual Room at the Colonial Heights Technical Building.

Current Committee Members

Gifted Advisory Committee

Elected Officers

Audrey Dube, Chair* (
Stacy Ackerman, Vice Chair
JP McNulty, Secretary


Kristin Janssen
April Norris
Christy Archileti
Amber Underhill
Angela Couchman
Ashley Christ
Glenice Burchard

Ex-Officio Members
Lori Grammer
Kate Ewalt
Lisa Walker
Matthew Burnett
Marian Moody

Members of the Gifted Advisory Committee are elected to serve a three-year term. Colonial Heights Policy prohibits members from serving more than two consecutive three-year terms.