Colonial Heights Public Schools

School Administration Office Staff and Related Departments


Office of the Superintendent


Dr. William Sroufe, Superintendent

Email: William Sroufe


 Mrs. Stephanie Kern, Superintendent Secretary/School Board Clerk

Email: Stephanie Kern


Office of Instructional Services

Mrs. Haidee Napier, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services

Email: Haidee Napier


Dr. Joe Douglas, Instructional Specialist

Email: Joe Douglas


Dr. Candy Llewellyn, Instructional Specialist/Reading Coach

Email: Candy Llewellyn


Mrs. Ellen Burnett, Instructional Specialist/Math Coach

Email: Ellen Burnett


 Mrs. Christy George, Director of Support Services

Email: Christy George

Office of Support Services


Mr. Jake Reynolds, Director of Assessment and Data

Email: Jake Reynolds


Ms. Doris Swearingen, Secretary

Email: Doris Swearingen


Office of Business Services


Mr. Troy Hedblom, CPA, CFE - Assistant Superintendent for Business Services

Email: Troy Hedblom


Ms. Maria Yencha, Director of Finance and Budget

Email: Maria Yencha


Mr. Kenny Harrell, Director of Maintenance

Email: Kenny Harrell


Mr. Damon Talley, Transportation Director
Email: Damon Talley


Mrs. Kathryn Alexander, Transportation Secretary
Email: Kathryn Alexander

Mr. Aaron Robertson, Food Services Director

Email: Aaron Robertson


Mr. Burke George, Director of Human Resources

Email: Burke George


Mrs. Melissa Lynch, Accounting & Special Projects

Email: Melissa Lynch


Mrs. Rebecca Millirons, Business Services Specialist - Payroll

Email: Rebecca Millirons


Mrs. Melissa Kapinskis, Business Services Specialist - Accounts Payable

Email: Melissa Kapinskis


Office of Technology and Learning

Mr. Tim Tillman, Director of Technology and Learning

Email: Tim Tillman


Mr. Doug Adams, Network Administrator

Email: Doug Adams


Mr. Mike Zaweski, Technology Field Technician

Email: Mike Zaweski

Mr. Piotr Kaminski, Technology Support Specialist

Email: Piotr_Kaminski


Mrs. Julie Bowles, Student Data Administrator

Email: Julie Bowles

Mrs.Tia Dew, Student Data and Application Support Analyst

Email: Tia Dew

Mrs. Debbie Walwer, Instructional Technology Integration Specialist - Elementary

Email: Debbie Walwer


Mrs. Erin Ford, Instructional Technology Integration Specialist
Email: Erin Ford

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