Colonial Heights Public Schools

512 Boulevard, Colonial Heights, VA 23834   |  Phone: 804-524-3400
City of Colonial Heights, Virginia

School Board

The School Board for the City of Colonial Heights is a five-member Board elected to serve staggered four-year terms of office. The Colonial Heights City School Board derives its authority from the Constitution of Virginia, the Code of Virginia and the regulations of the State Board of Education. The Colonial Heights City School Board members are officers of the Commonwealth and as a corporate body governs the school division. 


School Board for the City of Colonial Heights

Mrs. Sandra Coleman, Member; Dr. Wayne Browder, Member; Mr. Mike Yates, Chair; Dr. Krishan Agrawal, Member; and Mrs. Angie Woody, Vice-Chair
Mike Yates
Board Chair
Angie Woody
Board Vice-Chair
  Krishan Agrawal
Board Member
Board Member
Sandra Coleman
Board Member
Dr. Joseph Cox, Jr., Superintendent and the School Board