Colonial Heights Public Schools

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City of Colonial Heights, Virginia


Mathematics Pacing Guide
 Time Frame SOL Unit of Study
Daily Lessons  K.8 Calendar Math
    Tools for Measurement (2009 SOL)
    Number Talks
 First Nine Weeks K.3a Counting 0 to 30
K.10 Shapes

K.12 Sorting 
K.1a Counting Sets to 10
  K.2 Comparing Sets 
  K.1ab Number Recognition 0 to 10
Second Nine Weeks K.3b Counting Backwards
Assessment     Ordinal Positions (2009 SOL)

K.1b Number Recognition 11 to 20
  K.13 Patterns
  K.9 Attributes
    Non-standard Units of Measurement (2009 SOL)
K.11 Graphing
    Tallying (2009 SOL)
Third Nine Weeks  K.7 Coins  
 Assessment     Collection of Pennies or Nickels (2009 SOL)
    Time (2009 SOL)

K.3a Counting 0 to 100 
  K.1a Counting Sets to 20
K.3c One More And One Less
    Counting by Groups of 5 (2009 SOL)
  K.3d Counting by Groups of 10
Fourth Nine Weeks   K.6 Addition and Subtraction
Assessment   K.4 Part-Whole Relationships
  K.5 Equal Shares
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    2016 Standards of Learning
    Curriculum Framework
    Teacher Resources