Colonial Heights Public Schools

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City of Colonial Heights, Virginia

Grade 8

Mathematics Pacing Guide
 Time Frame SOL Unit of Study
First Nine Weeks  8.14 Expressions with Whole Numbers
Practice Test 8.16d Graphing with Tables
  8.13 Scatter Plots
  8.17 Linear Equations
  8.14 Expressions with Integers
  8.2 Number Sets
  8.3b Perfect Squares
Second Nine Weeks   8.4 Consumer Applications
Practice Test 
8.18 Linear Inequalities
  8.1 Real Numbers
  8.3A  Square Root Estimation
  8.9 Pythagorean Theorem 
Third Nine Weeks   8.5 Angle Relationships
Practice Test  8.4 Word Problems with Angles and Percents
  8.11 Probability 
  8.16  Equation of a Line
  8.15  Functions
  8.10 Composite Plane Figures
 Fourth Nine Weeks 8.8 Geometric Nets
 Practice Test 8.6 Surface Area and Volume
  8.7 Transformations
  8.12 Boxplots
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