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City of Colonial Heights, Virginia

Grade 6

Mathematics Pacing Guide
 Time Frame SOL Unit of Study
 First Nine Weeks 6.2ab Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
 Practice Test 6.1 Ratios
  6.5a Operations with Fractions and Decimals
  6.5bc Problem Solving
    Properties (2009 SOL)
    Probability (2009 SOL)
  Second Nine Weeks 6.4 Exponents and Perfect Squares
 Practice Test   Sequences (2009 SOL)
  6.3 Introduction to Integers
  6.6a Operations with Integers
  6.6c Order of Operations
  6.8  Coordinate Plane
 Third Nine Weeks 6.12 Proportional Reasoning
 Practice Test 6.13 Equations
  6.14  Inequalities
  6.10  Graphing
  6.11 Measure of Center
 Fourth Nine Weeks 6.7ab Circles
  Practice Test 6.7c Area and Perimeter
    Surface Area and Volume (2009 SOL)
    Measurement (2009 SOL)
    Quadrilaterals (2009 SOL)
  6.9 Congruent Figures and Symmetry
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