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Algebra II

Mathematics Pacing Guide
 Time Frame SOL Unit of Study
First Nine Weeks  AII.3a Equations and Inequalities with Absolute Value
Practice Test AII.4 Linear Functions and Systems
AII.7 Parent Functions and Transformations
Complex Numbers
  AII.3b Solving Quadratics
Factoring Polynomials with Two Variables
Polynomial Relationships 
Operations with Radical Expressions
  AII.3d Solving Radical Equations
 Second Nine Weeks AII.6 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
 Practice Test AII.9 Curve of Best Fit
  AII.10 Direct, Inverse, and Joint Variation
  AII.4 Solving Systems of Equations

Operations with Rational Expressions
  AII.3c Solving Rational Equations
  AII.5 Sequences and Series
  AII.11 Normal Distribution with Z-Scores and Probability



Algebra Basics
Algebra Basics
Algebra Basics
Algebra Basics
Algebra Basics