Colonial Heights Public Schools

512 Boulevard, Colonial Heights, VA 23834   |  Phone: 804-524-3400
City of Colonial Heights, Virginia

School Administration Staff



 Colonial Heights Public Schools

School Administration Office Staff and Related Departments



Office of the Superintendent


Dr. Joseph O. Cox, Jr., Superintendent

Email: Joseph Cox


 Mrs. Nancy Bosher, Superintendent Secretary/School Board Clerk

Email: Nancy Bosher


Office of Instructional Services

Mrs. Haidee Napier, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services

Email: Haidee Napier


Dr. Joe Douglas, Instructional Specialist

Email: Joe Douglas


Dr. Candy Llewellyn, Instructional Specialist/Reading Coach

Email: Candy Llewellyn


Mr. Jake Reynolds, Instructional Specialist/Math Coach

Email: Jake Reynolds


Mrs. Christy George, Director of Support Services

Email: Christy George

Office of Support Services


Mrs. Gwen Moseley, Director of Assessment and Data

Email: Gwen Moseley


Ms. Doris Swearingen, Secretary

Email: Doris Swearingen


Office of Business Services


Mr. Troy Hedblom, CPA, CFE - Assistant Superintendent for Business Services

Email: Troy Hedblom


Ms. Maria Yencha, Director of Finance and Budget

Email: Maria Yencha


Mr. Kenny Harrell, Director of Maintenance

Email: Kenny Harrell


Mr. Jesse MacLelland, Transportation Director
Email: Jesse MacLelland


Mr. Aaron Robertson, Food Services Director

Email: Aaron Robertson


Mr, Burke George, Human Resource Manager

Email: Burke George


Mrs. Melissa Lynch, Accounting & Special Projects

Email: Melissa Lynch


Mrs. Rebecca Millirons, Business Services Specialist - Payroll

Email: Rebecca Millirons


Mrs. Melissa Kapinskis, Business Services Specialist - Accounts Payable

Email: Melissa Kapinskis


Office of Technology and Learning

Mr. Tim Tillman, Director of Technology and Learning

Email: Tim Tillman


Mr. Doug Adams, Network Administrator

Email: Doug Adams


Mr. Mike Zaweski, Technology Field Technician

Email: Mike Zaweski

Mr. Piotr Kaminski, Technology Support Specialist

Email: Piotr_Kaminski


Mrs. Julie Bowles, Student Data Administrator

Email: Julie Bowles

Mrs. Debbie Walwer, Instructional Technology Integration Specialist - Elementary

Email: Debbie Walwer


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